Refer & Earn:

Quizophy gave you Rs. 20 Cash Bonus on each refer to your friend upto 2000.

For this, you have to folllow few steps given below:

1. First open Quizophy App.

2. Click on your photo left top of the app.

3. Go in to Earn Section, it will open like this.

4. Now Select the platform on which you want to share.

5. Select your friend’s name & send him.

6. Now tell your friend to download the app. When he /she will download the app, his front will looks like this.

7. Now tell him to click on the bottom . Have a Referral Code?

8. Now tell him to enter your Referral Code.

9. When your friend will complete his Registration.

10. When your Friend join any of your paid quiz then your amount be automatically transffered to your Wallet.

Keep Playing Quizophy and Keep Sharing to your Friends.